Embaplast, Embapur, Epoxycolors, Aquacolors, Si-Floor, Si-Decor, Si-Plast, Sira-Coat
There are numerous types of flooring, from decorative vinyl tiles to more functional self-levelling floors. Discover your options.


Aquacolors, Si-Decor, Sira-Coat
Sioen Chemicals can supply you with colouring solutions for surface printing and mass colouration of decorative paper.

Wall covering

Embaplast, Si-Wall, Si-Base, Unibase, Sira-Wall, Sira-Coat
Whether your customer is looking for a faux brick look, photo art or a wallpaper full of diamond and octagonal shapes, pigment pastes and inks are needed to obtain that extraordinary look.

Technical sheeting

Embaplast, Si-Decor, Si-Plast, Si-Base, Unibase, Sira-Plast, Sira-Jet, Sira-Coat
Technical sheeting includes flexible foil, printing for LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles), and wrapping foils. It also includes the printing of rigid plastics.

Flex and rigid foams

Embaplast, Embapur
Sioen Chemicals' flex and rigid foam application covers a large range of products; from packaging materials to foam for mattresses.

Paints & coatings

Solventcolors & Alkycolors, Estercolors, Aquacolors, Woodcolors
Many of our pigment pastes can be found in niche markets in the paint industry. We have always been keen on specialising in distinctive products.

Technical textiles

Embaplast, Embapur, Silicopaste, Aquacolors, Embacryl
As we are part of the Sioen Industries group that is specialised in technical textiles and as supplier to the other divisions, it is safe to say that we have quite some experience with this application.

Sealants and adhesives

Embaplast, Solventcolors & Alkycolors, Silicopaste, Aquacolors
Our Sioen Chemicals tailor-made colouring solutions for sealants and adhesives are adapted to the client’s systems.

Plastic and composite components

Our Embapur and EsterColors product ranges are the perfect choice for applications with plastic and composite components.

Agro & food

It goes without saying that applications in the food and agricultural industry are strictly regulated, with variations depending on the region you are selling your products in. We offer safe water-based pigments for these applications.

Tailored to your requirements

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