Pigment dispersions

There are numerous types of flooring, from decorative vinyl tyles to more functional self-levelling floors. Although we would like to say we like each and every look, we all have our preferences: a stone, wood, marble, concrete or limestone look. There are plenty of options.

Our solutions

Some specific topics

Vinyl flooring

We have a range of pigment pastes that is well-suited for flooring in flexible PVC, such as vinyl flooring. For adding patterns or drawings to the design, we can also offer printing inks for this substrate.

Self-levelling floors

Self-levelling flooring can be made of many synthetics, such as polyurethanes, epoxy or polyacrylates. We develop adequate colour concentrates for this type of floors no matter whether it is meant for underground garages, shops or home decorations.

A single supplier

If you are dreaming of having only one supplier for your main colouring products, you certainly are looking at the right company. For all your flooring applications, we can offer inks, pigment pastes, UV topcoats and finishing wear layers.

Related product collections


Pigment preparations based on plasticizers for PVC systems and on organic binders. As plasticizers we offer both phthalate and phthalate-free preparations. All categories are available in effect colours such as fluorescent, metallic and pearlescent colours.


Solvent-based pigment preparations are used for TPU. Polyol-based pigment preparations are engineered for flexible and rigid PU. foams.


Solvent-free pigment preparations based on epoxy resin. Epoxycolors preparations have large compatibility with a wide range of epoxy systems. RAL tint formulas are available for these ranges.


An extensive colour palette of versatile water-based pigment dispersions, compatible with a vast amount of systems. Depending on the application or on specific customer demands, compliancy to various regulations (food-contact, toy-safety, Kosher and Halal certified, etc.) is possible.


Si-Floor are water-based inks and extenders for gravure printing of cushion vinyl flooring materials and Luxury vinyl tiles.


Casein based and casein free inks for printing of paper and pre-impregnated paper for production of furniture and laminate flooring.


This range includes water-based and solvent-based inks for direct and indirect gravure printing of a wide range of plastics (rigid PVC, TPU, ABS, PP, PMMA).


The Sira-Coat product range includes lacquers for UV, Led, Excimer & EB-curing. For traditional UV-curing we offer also water-based lacquers developed for the flooring industry.