Technical textiles

Pigment dispersions

As we are part of the Sioen Industries group that is specialised in technical textiles, it is safe to say that we have quite some experience with this application.

Our solutions

Some specific topics

Pigment pastes for textile coating

We supply solvent-based, water-based and UV pigment pastes for coating textiles. Those coatings can be used for imitation leather, for the automotive industry or for other textile applications.

Topcoats with a goal

We have a significant range of topcoats. The topcoat you choose depends on the goal you want to achieve. You can opt for a gloss or matt finish. The topcoat can also act as a barrier to the plasticiser that might otherwise migrate. In addition, it can be used to strengthen the material’s mechanical properties or to make it printable afterwards.

Related product collections


Pigment preparations based on plasticizers for PVC systems and on organic binders. As plasticizers we offer both phthalate and phthalate-free preparations. All categories are available in effect colours such as fluorescent, metallic and pearlescent colours.


Solvent-based pigment preparations are used for TPU. Polyol-based pigment preparations are engineered for flexible and rigid PU. foams.


Silicopaste formulations are based on silicone oils of different functionality. We produce tailor-made products according to special requirements for each application (food contact, toys, automotive, etc.). Sioen is an experienced toll manufacturer for many global silicone producers.


An extensive colour palette of versatile water-based pigment dispersions, compatible with a vast amount of systems. Depending on the application or on specific customer demands, compliancy to various regulations (food-contact, toy-safety, Kosher and Halal certified, etc.) is possible.


The solvent-based varnishes are ready-to-use high gloss lacquers suited for rotogravure or magnet bar printing, which are also available with a mild solvent (Toluene and DMF free).