Flex and rigid foams

Pigment dispersions

The flex and rigid foam application covers a large range of products; e.g. packaging materials, foam for mattresses, shoe soles, furniture industry.

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Some specific topics

Flex foam for packaging and mattrasses

Important flexible foam applications are the furniture industry, packaging materials and, of course, the production of foam for mattresses. To find adequate coloring pigments for your system, please contact our sales to discuss your tailor-made solution.

Intense colours with a low dosage

In case you are wondering if the intense dark colors you desire are possible with only a low dosage of Sioen Chemicals colouring pigments, don’t worry. Our pigment pastes for foams will provide you with the desired results.

Related product collections


Pigment preparations based on plasticizers for PVC systems and on organic binders. As plasticizers we offer both phthalate and phthalate-free preparations. All categories are available in effect colours such as fluorescent, metallic and pearlescent colours.


Solvent-based pigment preparations are used for TPU. Polyol-based pigment preparations are engineered for flexible and rigid PU. foams.