Pigment dispersions

Only having white paper would be rather boring. Luckily we can supply water-based colour pigments for mass colouration of paper, as well as water-based inks for gravure printing.

Our solutions

Some specific topics

Decorative paper

For the production of laminate flooring and furniture panels, decorative paper is used. Our water-based Si-Decor inks and extenders are especially designed for gravure printing of non- & pre-impregnated decorative paper. They allow a sharp print and vibrant colours, with a high lightfastness and no bleeding. The Si-Decor range is made to give a high reliability without sedimentation.

Mass colouration of paper

Our water-based colour concentrates are perfect for mass colouration of your art and office paper. Our Aquacolour range for decorative paper offers a wide range of standard colours designed for narrow colour specifications, with a high colour retention properties and brightness.

Related product collections


An extensive colour palette of versatile water-based pigment dispersions, compatible with a vast amount of systems. Depending on the application or on specific customer demands, compliancy to various regulations (food-contact, toy-safety, Kosher and Halal certified, etc.) is possible.


Casein based and casein free inks for printing of paper and pre-impregnated paper for production of furniture and laminate flooring.


The Sira-Coat product range includes lacquers for UV, Led, Excimer & EB-curing. For traditional UV-curing we offer also water-based lacquers developed for the flooring industry.