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Pigment dispersions

It goes without saying that applications in the food and agricultural industry are strictly regulated, with variations depending on the region you are selling your products in. We offer safe water-based pigments for these applications.

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Some specific topics

Food casings

We have water-based pigments that are suited to tint food casings for sausages. You might prefer more typical meat colours, such as browns, smoky gold and mahogany but even if you have other preferences, we are looking forward to finding your solution.

Coating of seeds

The coating of seeds is a common practice in the agricultural sector. Sioen has extensive experience in this area. The colours for this application are regulated, with the two biggest colours in this area being blue and red.

Food regulations

As food regulations are strict, region-bound and always evolving, we have a specialised team that focuses on regulations. That way, we are always aware of the new evolutions on local as well as international levels all around the world.

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An extensive colour palette of versatile water-based pigment dispersions, compatible with a vast amount of systems. Depending on the application or on specific customer demands, compliancy to various regulations (food-contact, toy-safety, Kosher and Halal certified, etc.) is possible.