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Pigment dispersions

Many of our pigment pastes can be found in niche markets in the paint industry. We have always been keen on specialising in distinctive products.

Our solutions

Some specific topics

Effect pigments

We can manufacture special colours based on effect pigments, such as pearl effects and fluorescent pigments. Our colouring solutions are tailor-made. Please contact our sales for all possibilities.

Finger paint

It goes without saying that finger paint needs the highest care possible, as it is used by children. Finger paint has to comply to the EN71 standard for toys, and we make sure that all the products that are used for this application apply to the standard.

Related product collections

Solventcolors & Alkycolors

Solvent-based colour concentrates are manufactured with different kinds of solvents and resin combinations, such as acrylics, aldehydes, and alkyds.


Our Estercolors range is a styrene-free pigment preparations based on unsaturated polyester resin.


An extensive colour palette of versatile water-based pigment dispersions, compatible with a vast amount of systems. Depending on the application or on specific customer demands, compliancy to various regulations (food-contact, toy-safety, Kosher and Halal certified, etc.) is possible.


Woodcolors is a range of pigment preparations based on transparent iron oxides for wood stains and varnishes. Both solvent-based and water-based preparations are available. We offer single pigment concentrates and can offer ready-to-use tints.