Plastic and composite components

Pigment dispersions

For applications with plastic and composite components, we mostly suggest our Embapur, Embaplast and Estercolors product ranges. What would garden gnomes, kitchen tops and yachts look like without those colouring pigments?

Our solutions

Some specific topics

Pigments for plastic components

Plastic substrates that require our colouring pigments are, for example, garden gnomes and small plastic wheel parts. There are plenty of other possible applications. Therefore, it is important to know that you can always contact us for tailor-made coloring solutions.

Estercolors for composite components

Our range of styrene-free pigment preparations based on unsaturated polyester resin, Estercolors, are often used in kitchen tops and outdoors electrical cabinets.

Your standard is our standard

As we focus on supplying tailored solutions, our products are made to meet the highest standards. Every product can have different requirements. If you are, for instance, a coater of water tanks, you will want your pigments to comply with the food regulations.

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Our Estercolors range is a styrene-free pigment preparations based on unsaturated polyester resin.