Technical sheeting

Pigment dispersions

Technical sheeting includes flexible foil, printing for LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) and wrapping foils. In addition, it also includes the printing of rigid plastics, such as edge bandings and floor plinths.

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Technical sheeting

We have inks for direct and indirect gravure printing of PVC, ABS, PP and PMMA, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Sioen Chemicals offers water-based, solvent-based, as well as UV-cured inks. By applying radiation-cured varnishes, we can obtain a glossy, matte or satin finish. For more information about the possibilities, please contact our sales.

Edge banding

Sioen has years of expertise in inks and varnishes for printing of thermoplastic edge banding. Our inks have excellent adhesion on different types of substrates and a sharp print of a variety of colours. Thousands of decors can be matched with a multitude of printing structures and finishes.


Our inks and varnishes are developed to meet the technical criteria and standards of our customers. Our goal is to provide a tailor-made solution at a competitive cost.

Related product collections


Pigment preparations based on plasticizers for PVC systems and on organic binders. As plasticizers we offer both phthalate and phthalate-free preparations. All categories are available in effect colours such as fluorescent, metallic and pearlescent colours.


Casein based and casein free inks for printing of paper and pre-impregnated paper for production of furniture and laminate flooring.


This range includes water-based and solvent-based inks for direct and indirect gravure printing of a wide range of plastics (rigid PVC, TPU, ABS, PP, PMMA).

Si-Base, Unibase

Universal water-based color dispersions for tinting of gravure, flexographic, and screen printing inks with high light fastness and thermal stability.


Sira-Plast is a range of UV curing screen printing & gravure inks. It includes inks for in- and outdoor applications with a good adhesion on substrates (PVC, PS, cardboard, paper, PP), as well as inks for edge banding and for licence plate printing.


Depending on the end application we formulate digital UV/Led inks for industrial applications such as flexible embossable inks and varnishes or very resistant inks (abrasion, outdoor and solvent resistant).


The Sira-Coat product range includes lacquers for UV, Led, Excimer & EB-curing. For traditional UV-curing we offer also water-based lacquers developed for the flooring industry.