Technical textiles, Flex and rigid foams, Flooring

Solvent-based pigment preparations are used for TPU. Polyol-based pigment preparations are engineered for flexible and rigid PU. foams.

Solventcolors & Alkycolors

Paints & coatings, Sealants and adhesives

Solvent-based colour concentrates are manufactured with different kinds of solvents and resin combinations, such as acrylics, aldehydes, and alkyds.


Paints & coatings

Woodcolors is a range of pigment preparations based on transparent iron oxides for wood stains and varnishes. Both solvent-based and water-based preparations are available. We offer single pigment concentrates and can offer ready-to-use tints.

Pigment dispersions

We tailor your pigment dispersions to your specific needs and specifications. Contact us to find out more about the possibilities.

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